• Kent - The Handmade Comb - Coarse and Fine Toothed Comb Sawcut 9T, Large, 192 mm

Kent - The Handmade Comb - Coarse and Fine Toothed Comb Sawcut 9T, Large, 192 mm

Choose your Kent handmade comb, completely made in uk, ships from us - 2t 158mm general medium coarse/fine comb - 4t 155mm coarse/fine general grooming comb - 5t 169mm dressing table comb  - 6t 175mm dressing table comb-coarse/fine - 9t 190mm large coarse/fine comb - 10t 190mm large handled rake comb-wet/thick hair coarse  - 12t 146mm coarse pocket comb  - 16t 185mm coarse/fine dressing table comb - 20t 85mm folding pocket comb with clip-all fine - 81t 70mm all fine- beard and moustache comb - 82t 90mm folding/fine comb - ot 110 mm pocket comb-coarse/fine - foot 110mm fine pocket comb - r5t 175mm coarse table dressing comb - r7t 130mm pocket coarse/fine comb - r18t 140mm fine tooth pocket comb - slim Jim 117mm fine comb - nu19 113mm ot pocket comb Carissa leather case 90mm metal nail file - nu22 122mm fine tooth comb with leather tab and case about the brand g b Kent & sons ltd, manufacturers of brushes since the eighteenth century is one of the oldest established companies in great Britain. Kent brushes (as they are now more commonly known) was founded in 1777 by William Kent in the reign of George iii. Kent holds a pre-eminent place in the history of brush making, with an unbroken record of excellence in the quality of its production which has been recognized by the granting of royal warrants for nine reigns. The Kent family continued to run the company for six generations until 1932 when the last of the three Kent brothers passed away. This is when Mr Eric l.H cosby, owner of cosby brushes ltd, entered into an association with g. B Kent & sons. A new chapter was then opened in Kent's long history and since that time the company has been under the creative and dynamic direction of the cosby family. Today, Mr Alan h.L cosby, grandson to Eric cosby is the managing director and chairman, with his wife, son and one of his three daughters working for the business.

  • Item condition: 100% authentic, new and unused, Kent the handmade comb - 192 mm large coarse and fine toothed comb saw cut 9t
  • Kent handmade comb 9t - 192 mm large coarse and fine toothed comb.
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Kent - The Handmade Comb - Coarse and Fine Toothed Comb Sawcut 9T, Large, 192 mm

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