• Tree Nanny - Christmas Tree Watering Device

Tree Nanny - Christmas Tree Watering Device

Eliminate the hassles associated with watering your Christmas Tree. Sets up in minutes with a simple 3 step process. 1.) Attach tube to funnel: run tube down through Christmas Tree keeping the tube near the main trunk of tree and into the water basin. 2.) Clip Funnel to Branch: At a comfortable height for pouring. 3.) Strap Tree Nanny to trunk: at basin using Velcro straps making sure that short probe is at least an inch below the desired level of water and that the tube is on the opposite side of the trunk. Requires 2-AAA batteries (not included).

  • Let your Christmas tree tell you when watering is needed. Just attach the monitoring device to the base of the tree and when the water is too low the unit plays Jingle Bells.
  • Then use the included funnel and hose to water from a standing position. No more crawling on your hands and knees to check water levels.
  • Avoid the constant shedding of needles and the dangers of a dry tree becoming increasingly flammable.

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Tree Nanny - Christmas Tree Watering Device

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