• Beads Allover Stencil - Reusable Wall Stencils for DIY Wall Decor

Beads Allover Stencil - Reusable Wall Stencils for DIY Wall Decor

Our beautiful geometric stencil "Beads" will make a stunning accent wall in any contemporary room! Try stenciling this wall pattern in metallic paints to see the beads shimmer! This stencil design is also perfect for curtains. Geometric wall stencils are super trendy and are sure to spice up any decor. Stencil wall patterns are a great money-saving alternative to wallpaper. Stenciling offers complete customization of your space with unlimited paint choices to perfectly match your decor!

This stencil pattern comes with an additional FREE Top Edge stencil: the upper part of the design cut as a smaller separate stencil. It makes it easy to fill the gaps close to the ceiling line after your main pattern is stenciled.

Single overlay stencil.sheet 24.1"x38", design 21"x32.8"

This stencil features an easy registration system, just use the rows of the previously painted pattern to align the stencil, check that it is level and continue. This gives you a seamless "wallpaper" look. Don't worry about super perfect alignment. We decorative pros "fudge" damasks and allover patterns all the time! The walls in most houses are often not straight, so some "fudging" while stenciling is very helpful and, in the end, not noticeable.

Detailed Stenciling instructions, color photo and a FREE STENCIL ($4.95 value) included with each order.This stencil makes a great GIFT!

To learn an easy allover pattern stenciling technique, take a look at our Illustrated STENCILING INSTRUCTIONS on our site:http://www.cuttingedgestencils.com/stencils-for-walls/damaskallover-stenciling-tips.html

Also, please watch our free step-by-step stenciling VIDEOS on YouTube.http://www.youtube.com/user/CuttingEdgeStencils

You'll find these short video tutorials extremely helpful for your stenciling project. Even beginners get great results!

  • Reusable stencil made of 12 mil clear plastic, easy to use and clean
  • Economical wallpaper alternative, great for accent wall, DIY home decor
  • Additional Top Edge stencil included for FREE!
  • Detailed Stenciling instructions with color photos plus Free stencil ($4.95 value) included
  • Step-by-step videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/CuttingEdgeStencils



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Beads Allover Stencil - Reusable Wall Stencils for DIY Wall Decor

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