• DirecTV SWM8 Multiswitch

DirecTV SWM8 Multiswitch

* 8 Channel Single Wire Multi-switch (SWM) w/Remote Power Inserter * Allows any transponder from any DIRECTV satellite input to be independently selected and distributed view one of eight designated SWM output frequency channels. * Provides two outputs to serve two customer dwellings (typical) * Contains a built-in diplexer for combining off-air signals with DirecTV satellite signals onto a single home-run wire to the dwelling * Dire-cast housing is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use * Supports six (6) LNB inputs, each triple band stacked four parts (Parts 1-4) cover existing 99/101, 103/110/119 satellites, plus two Flex Ports (95 sat and 72.5 sat)The SWM-8 allows installers to run an AT9 or AU9 DirecTV satellite antenna plus 2 Flex ports (72.5 & 95) down a single RG6 Coaxial cable. At the end of the single wire, a STS-2, STS-4, or STS-8 splitter is required (not included) to distribute the signal to as many as 4 DVR's or 8 HD receivers! The STS series of splitters are specially designed for the SWM-8; you must have an STS-2, STS-4, or STS-8.

  • Supports up to 8 DIRECTV satellite tuners
  • Die-cast housing is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Multi-Room Viewing (MRV)
  • Requires 29 Volt Power Supply Sold Separately



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DirecTV SWM8 Multiswitch

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