• JDS c-88quake Earthquake Alarm

JDS c-88quake Earthquake Alarm

The Quake Alarm is designed to provide instant warning of seismic activity by detecting the "P" wave (compression wave) of an earthquake, which travels faster than the more destructive "S" wave (shear wave). The Quake Alarm saves valuable seconds by removing the guesswork in earthquake detection. It is capable of detecting large earthquakes that occur hundreds of miles away and can detect moderate to minor earthquakes for many miles around your local area. One very important advantage of the Quake Alarm is that it can wake you up and alert you the moment the quake starts so that you can immediately take cover or tend to other family members. The Quake Alarm can eliminate confusion, save valuable seconds and provide peace of mind.

  • Provides early quake warning by detecting an earthquakes sound wave before the destructive shear wave strikes your area
  • Fully adjustable sensitivity setting
  • Automatically resets and shuts off alarm when earthquake stops
  • Can detect earthquakes that occur many miles away to help property and shop owners make informed decisions and check damage to remote
  • Loud, distinctive alarm will wake you up in case collapsing walls fail to do the trick



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JDS c-88quake Earthquake Alarm

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