• GE Choice Alert Wireless Alarm System Control Center Starter Kit, 45142

GE Choice Alert Wireless Alarm System Control Center Starter Kit, 45142

The GE Choice Alert Wireless Alarm System Control Center Starter Kit offers everything you need to begin building your Choice Alert Security System. Cost-effective and easy to install, Choice Alert components offer wireless operation, multi-zone coverage, home and away settings, and expandability for complete home protection. Because they are designed to be part of a self-contained system, there are no monthly usage charges. System components are simple enough for anyone to use, and they can be combined to provide a customized blanket of protection over your entire property. The entire Choice Alert Security System is designed around the Wireless Control Center, the system's hub. The Control Center monitors each and every sensor that is wirelessly connected to it. As many as four sensors can be programmed in each of four zones, giving you the security of up to 16 sensors to guard your entire home - including sensors for doors, windows, gates, water leaks, and motion detection. The Wireless Control Center allows you to secure your system with a custom four-digit code that can be changed at any time. Plus, the Wireless Control Center lets you control many system features. For example, you can select 'Home' mode for an instant alarm and 'Away' mode for a delayed alarm. In addition to the armed alarm system, the Wireless Control Center also offers a visible and audible Zone Notification alert system (with a choice of continuous alert or single chime mode) and a dedicated alert zone (Zone 4). The center wirelessly transmits and receives signals up to 150 feet. Additionally, the Wireless Control Center features a low-battery indicator that will alert you when battery power is low in a specific zone, so you'll know exactly when to replace the batteries in every one of your components. It features four separate zones for up to 16 sensors, providing a custom wireless security system for your home or business. Its five-button keypad makes it easy to pair a sensor or accessory within seconds, and there's no wiring or drilling required for installation. The Wireless Control Center features a dedicated "Learn" button that lets you easily pair Choice Alert Sensors within a matter of seconds. The process for disabling sensors is just as simple, making for hassle-free customization of your Choice Alert Security system. There's also a dedicated switch for toggling between 'Alert', 'Chime', and 'Off' modes (affects Zones One, Two, and Three only). The Control Center includes a special dedicated alert zone (Zone 4) that is always monitored, regardless of the alarm settings. This is ideal for alerting you of water leaks, and open garage, shed, freezer, or medicine-cabinet doors--areas of your home that you want to continually monitor. The built-in 120-decibel siren is loud enough to alert you and your neighbors when the system is compromised, so you get complete, effective wireless security protection at an affordable price. This kit includes a Door/Window Sensor that is completely wire-free and works seamlessly with the Wireless Control Center. Installing the Door/Window Sensor couldn't be any easier. Using the included double-sided tape or screws and mounting plate, the sensor mounts to most doors (interior and exterior), gates, or windows within minutes. There's no wiring involved--the sensor transmits alerts wirelessly to the Choice Alert Wireless Control Center within a range of 150 feet. The Choice Alert Door/Window Sensor can be paired with any of the Wireless Control Center's four zones, and pairing takes just seconds. Zones One, Two, and Three provide alarm protection, while Zone Four is a dedicated alert zone that generates a visual alert along with a continuous beep to discreetly warn you when the zone has been compromised. This product must be used with Choice Alert sensors and accessories (sold separately). There are several components available for use with the Wireless Control Center, including a door/window sensor, motion detector, water leak sensor, secondary audio alarm siren, signal repeater (for enhanced wireless range), garage door sensor, and Silent Alert LED indicator. Add up to 16 sensors and give yourself the peace of mind that only complete home protection can provide. This kit is designed to provide security coverage for a single door or window.

  • Offers everything you need to begin building your Choice Alert Security System - includes control center and window/door sensor
  • Easy to install and use - no wiring
  • Secure your system with a custom four-digit code
  • Multi-zone coverage - indicates when a door, window or gate has been opened indoors or outdoors
  • Control all sensors and accessories from one location


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GE Choice Alert Wireless Alarm System Control Center Starter Kit, 45142

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