"Bristol" Black Appliance Iron Dryer Holder W/ Outlet

Black Appliance Holder is made of the highest quality metal with a contemporary black finish and features 1 large blower nozzle, and 3 round irons holder. This appliance holder clamps onto any table top, counter, or station.

Thick high quality metal.
Contemporary black finish.

Wide Blower Nozzle: 2.5"
One Round Iron: 1.5"
Two Round Irons: 1"

  • Thick, high-quality metal.
  • Contemporary metal finish.
  • Electric Outlet.
  • Able to mount on any styling stations or trolley cart.
  • Wide Blower Nozzle: 2.5", One Round Iron: 1.5", Two Round Irons: 1"

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"Bristol" Black Appliance Iron Dryer Holder W/ Outlet

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