• Black, White & Red Activity 3D Playmat & Gym

Black, White & Red Activity 3D Playmat & Gym

Black, White & Red 3D Activity Playmat & Gym, by Genius Baby Toys. Sometimes you just have to put down your little bundle of joy and give your arms a rest! But where can you set someone who may not be able to sit upright? The 3-D Activity Gym may be the perfect answer. This award-winning portable, washable gym is easy to assemble. Simply spread the 3-foot-square quilt on the floor and enjoy a vivid animal circus in red, white, and black. Slide two pliable arches into the corner sockets of the quilt, so that they cross diagonally. Clip the Panda, rattles, and mirrors into the hole-punched arches. The dangles can be repositioned for endless variety. Babies can lie on their backs and stare up at the bright, high-contrast dangling toys. The gym will improve babies' hand-eye coordination, and soon they'll be reaching, stretching, kicking, pulling, and rolling--an adorable sight! To put away the gym, simply remove the arches, fold up the quilt, and tuck all the parts into a handy waterproof carrying case. If you love the Gymini playmat for babies, you will love Genius Babies Black, White and Red playmat! Ages Birth and up.

  • **NEW Updated Design 2013- Arches w/easy cloth tie attachments **
  • Black, White & Red 3D Activity Playmat 3 feet by 3 feet
  • Developmental play mat and gym Stimulate your babys senses!
  • Includes all 5 developmental hanging baby toys pictured.
  • Machine Washable in COLD.



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Black, White & Red Activity 3D Playmat & Gym

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