• Leachco Preggle Comfort Air-Flow Maternity Body Pillow

Leachco Preggle Comfort Air-Flow Maternity Body Pillow

The comfort possibilities with this unique body pillow are virtually endless. The preggle was designed to provide targeted relief to the areas you need it most, while keeping you cool and comfy throughout the night with its patent pending "comfort air-flow" features. Its clever open ventilation system and adjustment bands ensure maximum comfort and support you expect from a body pillow without creating extra body heat. Position this pillow for contoured tummy or back support, knee and hip elevation, firm head and neck cushioning, or even nursing baby and lounging in bed. The amount of support and degree of ventilation are up to you. The adjustment bands allow you to create the size and shape of pillow you want while allowing fresh air to reach your "hot spots" which can be so uncomfortable during the course of your pregnancy. Simply find your perfect comfort position, and the preggle will do the rest.

  • Bands adjust ventilation opening and hug pillow inward
  • Inner contours follow every curve, perfect for tummy tucking
  • Removable, washable cover



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Leachco Preggle Comfort Air-Flow Maternity Body Pillow

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