• Calla Toddler Pillow Soft Organic Cotton of size 13

Calla Toddler Pillow Soft Organic Cotton of size 13" x 18" x 3.5"

5 tips to choose the pillow that will give your toddler the best sleep

Machine Washable- Parents NEED a pillow that won't clump or get ruined when washed. Between potty training, accidents, spills and getting sick, don't get stuck without a pillow or throw away money. CallaFill only found in the Calla Pillow is the worlds best washable filling. It's a hypoallergenic, micro-cluster poly fiber, down alternative filling. Read the reviews. Moms love CallaFill

Perfectly Sized - A smaller pillow means less rolling around and deeper sleep."My son slept 12 hours last night. It's been a long time since he's done that." You'll need a pillow with just the right amount of support.

Opt for Organic- No pesticides, No chemicals, No Aroma. Hypo-allergenic for sensitive skin. Thousands of hours are spent supporting the dreams of tomorrow's leaders. Invest in safety and quality.

No Flame Retardant Chemicals - There are still too many pillows that children sleep with that are treated with flame retardants. The Calla Pillow is 100% flame retardant free - unlike other toddler pillows.

Buy QualityThe Calla Pillow is Hand-Crafted in the USA with premium filling, designed to last. We offer a 3 year guarantee on the Calla Toddler Pillow. If it clumps, rips, gets too dirty or for any reason you're unhappy in the first 3 years, send us an email and we'll send you a replacement. No questions asked.

You've done your research and you've found the best value. Click Add to Cart and experience the difference today. Don't forget the Calla Pillowcase for the ultimate in comfort and safety and save 15% with code EGYPT100

  • "Im so glad I chose this pillow - No funny smells unlike the other ones. Made in the USA and no added chemicals was what sold us" - Kate
  • Hypoallergenic - No added Chemicals, Flame Retardant FREE!
  • Covered in Soft US Grown Organic Cotton. Hand-Crafted in the USA!
  • Sized right for Toddlers. Works best for kids. Perfect Fill.
  • Designed for children. Machine Washable - Does Not clump - Read the Reviews - First Toddler Pillow with a 3 year Guarantee! Well take great care of you!



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Calla Toddler Pillow Soft Organic Cotton of size 13" x 18" x 3.5"

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