• A/C Leak Freeze 00280, 1.5 oz, tube only.

A/C Leak Freeze 00280, 1.5 oz, tube only.

A/C Leak Freeze®will stop leaks of refrigerant gas in HVACR air conditioning and refrigeration systems in homes and commercial buildings. A/C Leak Freeze® is inert until it mixes with the refrigerant. A/C Leak Freeze® is activated by refregerant escaping at the site of a leak - forming a chemical weld and sealing the leak. A/C Leak Freeze® is compatible with all standard refrigerant gases. It's polymer-free, tested to be non-clogging to the A/C compressor and recovery unit - it's a permanent fix. A/C Leak Freeze® is for professional use only. AC Leak Freeze

  • Permanently seals leaks in air conditioning and refrigeration systems.
  • Will continue to seal additional Leaks for up to 1 year that meet testing specifications.
  • Does not contain polymers. Not activated by moisture or oxygen.
  • Tested to be non-clogging to a/c compressor and recovery unit.
  • Ideal for preventive maintenance and leak protection.



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A/C Leak Freeze 00280, 1.5 oz, tube only.

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