"Circuit Buddy" Circuit Tester / Test Light - made for the Automotive Industry

Automotive circuit testers or test lights have been around for quite some time and still is an effective and easy way to do some faultfinding. The standard test light or circuit tester has a sharp point to pierce into the wire and you normally end up poking your finger and that really hurts. In most cases the test lights operates with a globe that indicates a live circuit when doing some auto electrical repairs, faultfinding or even when used to install radios. Although there are a variety of test lights available they are not always practical and easy to use especially when piercing wires, and not always computer safe. Some test lights could cost you thousands in damages to automotive computers or even deploy airbags. If you take a small 3 Watt globe it will cause a current spike of up to 1000 mA that is way over the limit for sensitive electronic circuits. A proper circuit tester should not draw more than 20 mA to be computer save and any rating bellow 20 mA can only be safer to use on those sensitive automotive computers.

  • A test light, suitable to test 6 to 48 Volt systems, designed for the automotive industry.
  • Logic Probe test light that is safe to use on sensitive electronic circuits
  • Easy to use, especially when piercing wires. Reduces piercing damage
  • Features a red and green LED to indicate a live circuit and polarity (draws less than 20mA @ 48 Volt).



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"Circuit Buddy" Circuit Tester / Test Light - made for the Automotive Industry

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