• ABN Serpentine Belt Tool Kit

ABN Serpentine Belt Tool Kit

The ABN Serpentine Belt Tool Kit is the perfect tool for the professional tech or the DIYer. This kit includes all of the needed tools for the removal and install of the serpentine belt. On the recommendations of our techs we have included two short extensions, which allow for much easier access on late model Ford and GM models. Applications include: 3/8" Drive 13mm crowfoot wrench for GM Quad Four Engine 3/8" Drive 14mm crowfoot wrench for Saturn Engine 3/8" Drive 15mm crowfoot wrench for Ford Windstar 3.8L Engine 13mm socket (on handle) for late model quad four engine 14mm socket 1.9 Saturn 15mm socket GM and Chrysler 16mm socket Ford 3.8L & Ford 4.0L 18mm socket GM 3800 Engine 1/2 square drive ratchet 3.1L GM 1/2" square drive socket late model GM and Ford short extension allowing for easier access

  • Serpentine Belt Tool Kit Designed to assist with the removal and installation of serpentine belts
  • Applications include, but not limited to Ford, GM, Chrysler, SAAB, VW and Volvo
  • Includes long rubberized handle and seven shallow 18mm, 16mm, 15mm, 14mm, 13mm, 1/2" 3/8" sockets
  • Includes short extentions allowing for easier access on GM and Ford applications
  • Designed for engine compartments with limited access

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ABN Serpentine Belt Tool Kit

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