• AEM 30-2012 Water / Coolant / Oil Temperature Sensor Kit

AEM 30-2012 Water / Coolant / Oil Temperature Sensor Kit

This product has sensor performance specifications with accuracy of more than 2 degree centigrade / 3.6 degree Fahrenheit and operating temperature of - 40 Celsius to 200 Celsius / -40 Fahrenheit to 392 Fahrenheit. The dissipation constant is 12 megawatt per degree centigrade and the ratio, at a specified ambient temperature, of the change in the power dissipation of the sensor to the resultant temperature change of the Thermistor. The test medium is silicone oil and thermal time constant is 10 sec. The time required for the sensor to achieve 63.2 per cent of its steady state value when subjected to a step change in ambient temperature [Tc= (Tf-Ti) x63.2%+Ti]. Sensor body material used is brass, thread: 1/8 inches -27 PTF, hex size is 1/2 inches, installation torque: 13.5Nm / 10 feet-pounds, weight of 12.2 grams, supply current: 5 Volt DC, electric termination: connector includes mating connector, pins and pin lock.

  • One wire to sensor ground and one wire to sensor signal
  • Wire strip length is 0.175 inches to 0.200 inches
  • Thread size: 1/8 inches
  • Operating temperature: sensor tip -40C to 200C, connector -40C to 150C



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AEM 30-2012 Water / Coolant / Oil Temperature Sensor Kit

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