• DPC-601 DeKups Disposable Cups and Lids - 24 oz.

DPC-601 DeKups Disposable Cups and Lids - 24 oz.

DeVilbiss DeKups® is a disposable cup system that replaces the use of traditional metal spray gun cups. The DeKups® system eliminates the cost and labor associated with cleaning metal cups increasing painter productivity and reducing solvent usage. The DeKups® system also eliminates the need for mixing cups and paint cans. The system is comprised of a disposable lid and liner that fit into a reusable frame. A mixing guide attaches to the side of the reusable frame and there are adapters to fit most spray guns. Filters fitting into the adapter allow for paint filtering during spraying. Available self venting funnels allows for refilling of the system.Features:Liners and lids are used inside a reusable cup frame for convenient, time saving paint applicationsDisposable cup liners easily collapse during painting resulting in less left-over paint32 cups and lids per packagingCups and lids come in packaging that acts as the dispenser allowing a painter to conveniently dispense one cup and liner at a timeUse with the DEVDPC-604 reusable cup frame and lid setDeVilbiss 802101 DPC-601 DeKups® Disposable Cups and Lids - 24 oz.

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DPC-601 DeKups Disposable Cups and Lids - 24 oz.

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