• Biobased Pure Propylene Glycol 5 gallon

Biobased Pure Propylene Glycol 5 gallon

Our 100% propylene glycol is 100% biobased. The proprietary technology uses a catalytic process known as hydrogenolysis to readily convert glycerin into propylene glycol. The reaction between glycerin and hydrogen takes place at high temperature and pressure over a unique catalyst to produce propylene glycol and water. As a result, propylene glycol is then purified using proprietary separation technology. PG is very low in toxicity and is listed as GRAS (generally recognized as safe) for use in food and pharmaceuticals. In fact, from a toxicological point of view, alcohol is more toxic than the same amount of propylene glycol. Studies have also shown that propylene glycol is neither persistent nor does it bio-accumulate and is therefore readily biodegradable. There are no hazard classifications or labeling of PG. Propylene glycol is very versatile. It is a solvent, an emulsifier, a binder, attracts water, reduces freezing point, increases boiling point and does not react with other chemistries. If you are looking for PG with an inhibitor, please try BioFROST or BioFROST Eco. If you want to be as safe and green as you can, please choose one of our many glycerin based products. Designed for industrial and environmentally sensitive antifreeze, coolant/heat transfer and secondary refridgerant applications, PG is used in several industrial heat transfer/antifreeze applications such as: • Closed Loop Systems • Waste Heat Recovery • Chillers • Solar Systems • Floor Heating Systems • HVAC • Geothermal Systems • Hydrostatic/Pressure Testing

  • Biobased
  • Non-Reactive
  • Readily Biodegradable
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Designed for Environmentally Sensitive Applications



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Biobased Pure Propylene Glycol 5 gallon

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