• 20/20 Vision Panoramic Rear View Mirror - 17 inches

20/20 Vision Panoramic Rear View Mirror - 17 inches

DescriptionThe 20/20 Vision Mirror widens your rear vision up to 300% with a panoramic view. This mirror eliminates all blind spots to improve your safety while driving. It is made of the highest quality optical crystal glass and each mirror is treated with advanced anti-glare photo sensitive technology that automatically cuts the annoying glare from headlights to ease night driving. Clips securely to your regular mirror. Features: 300% wider angle view than conventional mirrors Panoramic view to remove blind spots Treated with special ANTI-GLARE technology to reduce blinding headlight glareHighest quality optical crystal glass provides better clarityEasy to install over existing mirrorImproves driving safety and confidenceReduces neck strain from not having to twist your neck to check those blind spotsNotesFor product demonstration, click the Product Video tab above.

  • 20/20 Vision Mirror - Large Size
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20/20 Vision Panoramic Rear View Mirror - 17 inches

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