• 3M 39119 Premium Clay Cleaning Kit

3M 39119 Premium Clay Cleaning Kit

The 3M Auto Care Premium Clay Cleaning Kit is a non-abrasive system that will allow you to extend the protection of your wax by removing surface contaminants in the clear coat of your vehicle. It will give your car a smooth, clean finish to apply premium synthetic wax for long-lasting protection. The 3M Cleaner Clay that is included in the kit will easily and instantly remove enviromental contaminants, paint overspray, dust, fall out materials, and more from exterior paint, glass and metal surfaces (including Chrome). When combined, the 3M Quick Wax acts as the key water-based lubricant necessary to take the contaminants out of the surface you are working on easily.

  • The kit includes the 3 key components (3M Perfect-it Cleaner Clay, 3M Quick Wax Detailer, and a 3M Microfiber Detail Cloth) necessary to remove contaminants from many surfaces of your car including exteror paint, glass and chrome!
  • Includes 200 grams of professional quality, 3M Perfect-it Cleaner Clay, which is plenty to do multiple vehicles!
  • The 3M Perfect-it Cleaner Clay will safely remover over-spray and paint contaminants from paint glass and chrome when used with 3M Quick Wax Spray Detailer.
  • 3M Quick Wax Spray Detailer is an easy to apply, mist-on-wipe-off carnauba wax that can treat a wet or dry vehicle in just a few minutes
  • The kit will remover rail dust, paint overspray and industrial fallout from exterior paint, glass and metal surfaces



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3M 39119 Premium Clay Cleaning Kit

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