• Exo Terra Porcelain Clamp Lamp, Large

Exo Terra Porcelain Clamp Lamp, Large

The Exo Terra Porcelain Clamp Lamp has a heat resistant porcelain socket designed to withstand up to 250 Watts. It is ideal for use with Heat Wave Lamps (ceramic heat emitters), Solar-Glo lamps (self-ballasted mercury vapor bulbs), and all types of regular incandescent bulbs. The wire guard prevents unnecessary heat build-up. The Exo Terra Wire Light is the only clamp lamp that meets all safety regulations when used in conjunction with the Exo Terra Heat Wave Lamp.

  • Heat-resistant porcelain socket
  • Rated for up to 250 Watts
  • Build prevents heat build up
  • Large; For use with Exo Terra Heat Wave Lamp 250 Watts, Solar-Glo 125 Watts and 160 Watts
  • 1 year warranty



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Exo Terra Porcelain Clamp Lamp, Large

  • from Exo Terra
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