• BioBubble Reptile Drinking Fountain, Green

BioBubble Reptile Drinking Fountain, Green

The Reptile Drinking Fountain features continuous flowing water for maintaining the health and well-being of all types of Chameleons, Crested Geckos, Day Geckos, Dart Frogs, Tree Frogs, and most other Arboreal Lizards. It is a perfect accessory for most terrarium habitats. The fountain circulates and filters gently streaming water across a leaf backdrop, creating tranquil water sounds mimicking exactly how chameleons drink in natural environments.

  • Deep-Water Reservoir in a compact design and a Suction Cup allows it to mount anywhere
  • Leaf backdrop to mimic natural environments
  • Replaceable Carbon Pads filter and purify the water
  • Fountain Deck to hold carbon pad and allows water to filter through
  • Submersible Pump with adjustable flow rates
  • Needs voltage converter to reduce the voltage to work in UK
  • Do not operate without water



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BioBubble Reptile Drinking Fountain, Green

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