• Bayou Boy All Natural Reptile Bedding Bag, 50-Quart

Bayou Boy All Natural Reptile Bedding Bag, 50-Quart

Grown and harvested in the Mississippi delta, Bayou Boy’s All Natural Reptile Bedding is perfect for reptile owners wanting a natural terrarium look. Made from 100% Kenaf leaves, this bedding is guaranteed to absorb waste and kill unwanted odors. Simply pour the substrate in your terrarium and place decorative items on top. Made from the core and fibers of Kenaf leaves – the most absorbent natural material on earth. This miraculous plant kills odors, is pathogen-free, and is more absorbent than any other reptile substrate on the market today. Kengro 's Bayou Boy kenaf bedding product is vacuumed to remove dust during processing, thereby abating respiratory issues. Kenaf is digestible, non toxic and non abrasive. This product is grown and produced in the USA. This product is ideal for: Non-desert lizards, King snakes, Rat snakes, Milk snakes, Pythons, Boas and Other burrowing snakes.

  • 100-Percent bio-based reptile bedding
  • Loose substrate bedding that mimics your reptiles natural habitat
  • Perfect for most species of snakes; lizards; and tortoises; especially those that burrow
  • Made from 100-Percent kenaf core and is non-toxic
  • Made in the USA



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Bayou Boy All Natural Reptile Bedding Bag, 50-Quart

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