• Wound-Ease 16 fl oz

Wound-Ease 16 fl oz

Wound-Ease promotes the regeneration of damaged skin, fins, or scales by combining a healing and protective wound coat. Has a double slime-coat protection promoting natural body protection against infection. Promotes appetite and color enhancement in many fishes. Especially helpful with fancy-tailed goldfish, guppies, angels, and discus. You will see fast results when treating for shredded fins, cuts, scratches or abrasions. It is not necessary to remove your carbon filter when using Wound- Ease. Will not discolor or cloud the water. Contains Vitamin B-12 as an appetite stimulant. Combine Wound-Ease with Protect-Ease to give an excellent way to keep your fish healthy and alive. 1 ounce treats 60 gallons.

  • Promotes regeneration of damages skin or fins on tropical fish
  • Combines healing and protective-coating action
  • Provides protection against secondary bacterial infection



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Wound-Ease 16 fl oz

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