• WonderBubble - Black

WonderBubble - Black

Inventive, creative and fun the wonderbubble is a fresh take on habitats for smaller pets. no longer are you limited to boring little cubes or wire cages, but with the wonderbubble you can start small and build tall. perfect for creating a unique betta fish bowl, a habitat for frog or toad, a hamster, butterflies or even a variety of reptiles and amphibians. it unique shape allow for unparalled views of your pets. with an ever expanding universe of accessories you can customize and build on to your wonderbubble. the wonderbubble truly is the starting point for your imagination. the wonderbubble comes with the base, dome and cap.

  • 360 Degree viewing
  • Constructed from high-quality acrylic plastic



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WonderBubble - Black

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