• Big Ole Bird - Poultry Probiotic - Quart

Whether you keep poultry for show, for their eggs, or just as pets, you want a bird less susceptible to disease, a bird that keeps a healthy weight, and a bird that lays plenty of eggs. Now with Big Ole Bird poultry supplement, you can achieve all of this easily and inexpensively.Big Ole Bird or BoB is Biology Optimized for Birds. There are other poultry supplement products on the market that offer probiotic microorganisms aimed at improving gut microflora. However, BoB takes this technology to the next level by introducing rich organic acids to the formula in the form of humic and fulvic acids. Scientific Studies show that Humic acid, when added to the diet of poultry, provides a number of beneficial effects.

Simply add two teaspoons of BOB poultry supplement to one gallon of poultry drinking water

  • Healthier weights
  • Improved egg quality and quantity
  • Inhibits algae in watering troughs
  • Improved resistance to pathogens and disease
  • Reduces odor causing Ammonia and H2S


Product Dimensions2 x 2 x 6 inches

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Big Ole Bird - Poultry Probiotic - Quart

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