• Birds LOVE Spray Millet for Birds 5 lbs

Birds LOVE Spray Millet for Birds 5 lbs

Millet is a healthy grain that is required daily for cockatiels and lovebirds, finches and parakeets. Also, some parrots enjoy it as a treat. Our millet is grown in the USA and dried to perfection under strict quality control standards. It may be stored in a cool environment with no issues, and it does not attract other bugs. Also, for live amino acids, try sprouting our millet and provide sprouted millet to all of your pets as the healthiest way to provide birds and other pets with live amino acids, the building blocks of life.

  • Grown in the USA
  • Best healthy bird treat for lovebirds, cockatiels, finches, parakeets and all parrots
  • All Natural, no fillers or additives, nice plump millet sprays
  • Approx 6-8 sprays per pound and around 12" length
  • **We are aware of the issue we had with one batch of millet during the summer that hold mold like issues. This has been solved and guaranteed to not happen again.



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Birds LOVE Spray Millet for Birds 5 lbs

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