• Avitech Avicalm Calming Supplement, 4 oz

Avitech Avicalm Calming Supplement, 4 oz

Avitech AviCalm calming supplement works miracles on screamers, feather pickers, nervous nellies, pluckers, chewers and just plain aggressive birds. It is a safe, non-sedating calming supplement that uses a compound found in green tea, FDA registered L-Thea nine which promotes a feeling of well-being without drowsiness. It is non-toxic and cannot be overdosed. Avitech only uses the certified and tested human food additive form of L-Thea nine in its AviCalm formula and receives a certificate of analysis for every lot delivered to ensure purity, the absence of heavy metals and not evidence of coliform organisms. The L-Thea nine is combined with malt dextrin, a non-sugar food-grade carbohydrate to allow for great taste and easy dosing. Just sprinkle over food. Use AviCalm together with Featheriffic! for optimum results. Birds love the taste. You'll see the difference! Made in USA.

  • Promotes a feeling a well-being without drowsiness
  • Great taste, just sprinkle over food
  • Works on screamers, feather pickers and aggressive bird behavior
  • Made in USA with FDA certified ingredients
  • For all birds


Size4 oz

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Avitech Avicalm Calming Supplement, 4 oz

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