"I Can Do It" Potty Chart

The "I Can Do It" Potty Training Kit includes a book, reward chart, achievement certificate, and suggestions for parents on potty training their children. The" I Did It! Potty Bear becomes a Big Bear" book helps children understand what to expect using this system. It even has useful tips from other parents for successful potty training. The included potty reward chart eliminates the need to use food or candy as a potty training incentive. The magnetic strip on the back makes it easy to hang on the refrigerator, so that it is in view (and on their mind) all day, not just when the child is in the bathroom. 24 sturdy plastic stars with Velcro backing are included to use with the chart. The chart measures approximately 9 x 11 inches. A Big Kid Achievement Certificate! is also included. The "I Can Do It!" Reward Chart comes with a "Go Potty" chore plate to reinforce potty training once your child is consistent, but still needs encouragement. It also offers 19 other chores and behaviors to choose from. Multi award winning. Made in America. Recommended for children ready to be potty trained, ages 2 years and older.

  • Includes 1 Laminated Chart with Magnet & Hanging Tabs
  • Potty Book With Helpful Tips For Parents
  • 24 Reusable Plastic Reward Stars
  • Easy to Follow Suggestion Guide
  • Certificate of Completion



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"I Can Do It" Potty Chart

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