• Acrimet Vertical File Folder Organizer (Crystal)

Acrimet Vertical File Folder Organizer (Crystal)

Office organizer for storing documents, it is perfect for your office, to meet the demand of documents in an organized way, and by being upright, allows document flow to be made more dynamically and securely. Developed by Acrimet thinking about you, since document demand is undeniable within a business environment and a lost document can generate a huge problem. And the use of the paper organizer serves to prevent this from happening. More organization and safety at work. Made in acrylic in crystal / smoke color

  • Polystyrene construction, Heavy duty sturdy piece. High durability
  • Perfect for trade show, showroom, lobbies, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, etc
  • Perfect stability on tables, desks, counters with use of supports attached
  • 3 Slots design for excellent functionality



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Acrimet Vertical File Folder Organizer (Crystal)

  • from Acrimet
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