• Deluxe Comfort Foam Stress Relief Wedge, 16

Deluxe Comfort Foam Stress Relief Wedge, 16" x 11" x 1"- 3.5" Rise - Sciatica Nerve Medical Wedge Cushion - Tailbone Support - Therapeutic Back Pain Relief - Specialty Medical Pillow, Grey

Do you wince whenever someone asks you to “take a seat?” Would you almost prefer to ‘take a stand’ that will help you avoid the discomfort to your tailbone, coccyx and (too often sore) back? Well perhaps you need a chair pillow that will make it far easier and more comfortable to ‘take a seat,’ at any place and for any length of time. Deluxe Comfort offers the perfect sitting solution, in the form of the Stress Wedge Cushion Gray. This memory foam seat cushion is an orthopedic cushion that-with its divine combination of stabilizing firmness and luxurious comfort-will coddle and succor your body as you sit for extended periods of time. Depending on your individual orthotics needs, this surefire back support cushion could double as a sciatica cushion; a back pain pillow; a lumbar spondylosis, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, cervical spondylosis, swollen joints and piriformis aid; a butt pain relief pillow; a coccyx pain helper that also can soothe the effects of a hip fracture; and an osteoarthritis treatment tool. This chair lifter also can act as a hemorrhoid cushion or the equivalent of a donut pillow for someone who has undergone a prostatectomy. This chiropractic cushion also makes a great maternity pillow for pregnant women. This ergonomic chair cushion could be considered ‘the comfort seat’, as it is a comfort foam cushion that shifts and adjusts to suit your body; also improving your posture in the role of a spine alignment pillow that erects your body at the best possible angle to support your lower back and increase the angle of your hips and knees. You will be able to sit virtually anywhere for longer periods on this luxurious seat cushion wedge. This lightweight pillow seat is also easy to carry and transport, and can come in handy both at home and in the office. It could be a driving seat cushion, a car seat cushion, an office seat cushion, a computer chair cushion, a desk chair cushion for home or work, a massage seat cover, an excellent example of truck seat cushions, an airplane seat pillow, or a seat pillow for a long bus or train ride. The stately gray Stress Wedge Cushion Gray will merge well with any decor and is easy to clean and care for-rendering this the best cushion chair currently available on today’s market. Take a seat today!

  • BEST SITTING CUSHION - Deluxe Comforts Stress Wedge Cushion Gray boasts both superior craftsmanship and endless comfort in a single attractive, luxurious package. This ultimate tailbone cushion benefits the user from head to toe!
  • ULTIMATE PAIN RELIEF PILLOW - This sitting pillow boasts many therapeutic benefits, as it holds your body at an optimum angle to prevent and alleviate all manner of pain and discomfort. It could morph into a back pain chair, a sciatica relief pillow, a hemmoroid pillow, a tempurpedic seat cushion, etc.
  • IDEAL POSTURE CUSHION - This cushion seat boasts an ideal incline that holds the body at an optimum angle, thus supporting the lower back and increasing the angle of the hips and knees; helping you achieve proper posture in any given setting.
  • MOST COMFORTABLE SEAT CUSHION - This soft but firm foam wedge is the superlative comfort cushion; a unique form of chair support that succors and nurtures the body. Sink into the ethereal softness of this pressure relief cushion.
  • GUARANTEED SEAT CUSHIONS - Deluxe Comfort guarantees the comfort and support of the Stress Wedge Cushion Gray. If you have any questions, comments or complaints regarding this all-purpose cushion, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Stimulates correct posture in any chair when providing support and comfort for lower back
  • Adjusts to any chair: use it at home, office or in your car
  • Maintains good position in any seat while giving support and comfort for lower back
  • Solid foam construction with no cover 15 x 10-Inches


Size16" x 11" x 1"- 3.5" Rise

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Deluxe Comfort Foam Stress Relief Wedge, 16" x 11" x 1"- 3.5" Rise - Sciatica Nerve Medical Wedge Cushion - Tailbone Support - Therapeutic Back Pain Relief - Specialty Medical Pillow, Grey

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