• Belkin Miracast Video Adapter (Supports HDMI 2.0)

The Belkin Miracast Video Adapter wirelessly displays movies, games, photos, and apps from your smartphone, tablet, or Windows 8.1 laptop on your HDTV, so you can enjoy the same content on a much larger screen. With 1080p resolution, this adapter provides a full, rich picture as you stream videos or play games. It's easily installed by plugging into your HDMI port, and its small, wireless design keeps it out of your way.

Wirelessly Displays Smartphone Content on HDTV Screen

The Belkin Miracast Video Adapter lets you display movies, games, apps, and other content from your smartphone, tablet, or Windows 8.1 laptop on your HDTV screen. Share photos with your friends without having to crowd around a small display, stream music through your HDTV speakers for better sound, or watch movies and TV shows already downloaded and saved to your device.

HDMI Extension Cable for Wall-Mounted HDTVs

An included HDMI extension cable gives you the option of running a cable from the Miracast to your HDTV, rather than plugging it directly into your HDTV's HDMI port. This is especially useful if your HDTV is mounted flush against the wall, or if the rear HDMI ports are difficult to reach.

Wirelessly display content from your smartphone, tablet, or Windows 8.1 laptop to your HDTV screen.
Play Games Made for Your Smartphone

Play games made for your smartphone directly on your HDTV with the Miracast Video Adapter. Your device acts as the controller, letting you enjoy the same fun gaming actions but with a better display. Ease eyestrain by viewing addictive smartphone games on a larger screen.

1080p resolution for full, rich HDTV picture.
High Resolution Provides Clear, Vibrant Picture

Graphics from your smartphone appear clear and vibrant on your HDTV screen, thanks to the Miracast Video Adapter's 1080p resolution. Enjoy a full, rich picture while you stream movies and TV shows, play games, or view a friend's photo album online.

A low profile keeps the adapter hidden from view.
Small Adapter Stays Out of Your Way

The Miracast Video Adapter has a low-profile design so it stays out of your way. Since it connects wirelessly, you won't have to worry about tripping over messy cables, and its small size makes it easy to transport between home and the office.

Plug it directly into your HDTV's HDMI port.
Plugs into HDMI Port for Easy Setup

Designed for easy setup, the Miracast Video Adapter connects to your HDTV's HDMI port and USB port (the adapter is powered via USB). Follow the quick installation guide, and you're ready to view smartphone content on your large HDTV screen without the hassle of software.

For a list of verified compatible devices, see: http://belk.in/mira1234
Compatibility Information

Miracast is natively supported from Android 4.2. X and above and on Windows 8.1, although support can vary per device. Some manufacturers built Miracast into earlier 4.1. X devices and Wi-Di into Windows 7 and 8 also. Check with your device manufacturer and the Belkin support pages for compatibility information. You can also view a list of verified compatible devices here: http://belk. in/mira1234.

Easy setup with the quick installation guide.
What's in the Box

Belkin Miracast Video Adapter, USB power cable, HDMI extension cable, and quick installation guide.

  • Effortlessly play smartphone movies, games and apps on your HDTV
  • Plug into your HDTV USB port, and you're ready to go
  • 1080p resolution for full, rich HDTV picture. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED with Miracast.
  • Supports HDMI 2.0 Technology, which increases bandwidth from 10.2 Gbps to 18 Gbps and is 4k and Ultra HD compatible. Increases from 8 Audio Channels to 32 Audio Channels for expanded audio. 60 fps video playback at 4k resolution. Dynamic synchronization of video and audio streams.
  • Package Includes: Miracast Adapter, USB Power Cable, HDMI Extension Cable and Quick Installation Guide
  • Currently not compatible with these devices: Google Nexus 7 (Model: 2012, OS: Adroid 4.3), Google Nexus 10 (Model: SLSI/BCM4334, OS: Android 4.2.2 and up), HTC One (Model: T-Mobile, OS: Android 4.1.2), Samsung Note 2 (Model: N7105)


Technical DetailsUSB Powered

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Belkin Miracast Video Adapter (Supports HDMI 2.0)

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